Top Five Fictional Boyfriends

Hey guys! Today we’re going to be discussing a very important topic; fictional boys! I’ve fallen in love with male characters over the course of a book many times, but here are my favorites!

These are in no particular order they are just my top five.

Etíenne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss had my heart much sooner than he had Anna’s. He’s so sweet and loyal to Anna even as a friend. He would do anything to make Anna happy even facing his worst fear just to tell her how he feels. Don’t even get me started on that accent! British accent, French name, Sydney swooned!

Next is Jace from the Mortal Instruments. He loves so fiercely and even after all he and Clary endured (like being brother and sister for a while). I love all of his witty comments! He never ceases to make me smile! I haven’t even gotten to his appearance! Those eyes and his body mmmm!

Next is Dameon from the Lux series! Oh Daemon, where do I start! He’s gorgeous, hilarious, sweet when he wants to be, so protective of Kat. There are so many reasons to love Daemon! He would simultaneously drive me nuts and make me swoon.

Prince Maxon Schreave is amazing. He kept America at the castle just so her family could receive the payment, really listened to her about the problems of he castes and actually did something about them, and did anything just make her smile. Maxon is one of the sweetest characters that I’ve had the pleasure of reading about.

My fifth fictional boyfriend pick is Dexter from This Lullaby. I think Dexter appeals to me so much because Remy reminds me of me. I fell in love with Dexter with her and learned that falling in love isn’t always a bad thing.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me now in the comments below and thanks for reading!



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